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Basic Intensive Welding

Central Building and Welding Academy is well known for being the best established construction training centre in the Midlands – our Basic Welding Training is no exception to this!

Basic Welding Courses MIG, TIG & MMA (ARC)

This course is ideal for

  • Beginners
  • Automotive Operatives
  • A Taster Or Introduction Before A Career Change
  • Current Employees Looking To Add New Skills To Their Remit
  • Batch Work Production Job Specific Welding

Course Information

Are you looking to learn a specific type of welding? Our Basic Welding Courses are highly flexible and can be tailored to your individual needs and requirements. They can be either heavy-duty, thin gauge angle pipes, a mixture of the two etc.

Embark on a transformative journey with CBWA's Intensive Welding Programs, setting the standard for excellence in the Midlands. Our comprehensive courses are meticulously designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of welding techniques, safety protocols, and industry best practices. Led by experienced instructors, our programs ensure a solid foundation in welding, preparing students for successful careers in the dynamic field of construction and welding.

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Schedule & Duration:

  • Number of days – your choice!
  • 9:00am – 4:30pm (breaks included)

Equipment & Facilities

We provide you with your own work area & equipment (materials & tools included except safety boots which you need)

You will have access to:

  • Kitchen facilities (fridge, microwave etc.)
  • Free tea & coffee
  • On-site vending machines
  • Parking

We are located in CV7 9NH, just off the M6 motorway and close to several food places and hotels nearby.


1 x day training – £180.00
2 x days training – £348.00
3 x days training – £516.00
4 x days training – £684.00
5 x days training – £840.00 

2 x days basic weekend MIG welding – £360.00
2 x days basic weekend TIG welding – £360.00
2 x days basic weekend MMA training – £360.00

For any additional inquiries, feel free to either submit an inquiry through our system here , or to call us at 02476 363 663 or email us at [email protected]

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Metal Inert/Active Gas (MIG/MAG)

Manual Inert/Active Gas welding is the most common type of welding and the easiest of the welding process to learn, and is ideally suited for light fabrication welding and classic cars/bikes etc. using carbon steel.

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Manual Metal Arc (MMA)

Manual Metal Arc is mainly used for pipe welding and on-site welding outside due to having no gas and is suited mainly for heavy repairs on steel.

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Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG)

Tungsten Inert Gas is the hardest of the welding processes to master but is also the neatest of all the welds and is predominantly used on mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

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What types of welding do we teach?

We teach 3 of the basic types of welding processes, each with its own positives.​ As training providers, the most important thing for us is that, by the end of the course, we will have built your confidence to start doing your own projects. That is why we employ only the best tutors: friendly, time-served & professional welders who have decades of on site welding experience. Therefore, our tutors have up to date industry knowledge and lots of experience in training people.

Once you have chosen which of the three welding processes you wish to learn, we often book people into a week where all of the other students are learning the same process. This makes it easier for both the staff and the students, as you will all be working towards the same goal. This basic course can be tailored to your individual or company needs, but this must be relayed to us when making the booking so that the tutors can have your materials prepped.

Cutting-Edge Curriculum: CBWA's intensive welding programs feature a cutting-edge curriculum that integrates the latest advancements in welding technology. From basic welding principles to advanced techniques, our courses cover a spectrum of skills essential for success in the welding industry.

Hands-On Training: Gain practical, hands-on experience in our state-of-the-art welding bays equipped with the latest tools and equipment. Our programs prioritise experiential learning, allowing students to hone their skills through real-world welding projects, ensuring they are industry-ready upon completion.

Industry-Relevant Certifications: CBWA's welding programs are designed to align with industry standards, providing students with the opportunity to earn certifications that are recognised by employers across the UK. These certifications enhance your employability and validate your expertise in the welding field.

Career Guidance: CBWA is committed to your success beyond the classroom. Our extensive network of industry connections opens doors to exciting career opportunities in welding and construction.

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What can you expect to learn?

The main reason why codings were brought into the industry for professional welders was to highlight professionals who have mastered the art of putting down a proper weld: ensuring it penetrates the metal and fusing it together correctly, while focusing on making it structurally strong, as it is common when welding to only focus on making it all look nice.

We will teach you the basic principles of health and safety when welding, and the do’s and don’ts of the trade before you even start welding. You will also learn things such as: how to turn on the machines, machine operations, adjusting the wire speed, changing the rods or tungsten tips (depending on welding process picked), and settings according to the material thickness of what you are welding. 

You will master being able to put down a series of simple straight lines before you progress on to harder welds. Once the basics of how to weld have been mastered, we move you onto how to do the following four main types of welding: T-Fillet welds, Butt welds, pipe to plate and box section to plate.

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Learning outcomes

These can all be tailored to your specific requirements, and metal thickness can be adjusted.

The course can be completed in the time you decide is best for you, as you can choose the number of days’ training you would like, depending on your experience and intentions.  Pricing is based on the number of days you choose and the standard you want to achieve.

Upon completion, the course comes with an in-house Certificate from our approved training centre, which proves that the students are able to: perform basic welding tasks, manage equipment to a competent standard and have a general understanding of safety procedures.

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Additional Information

Program Duration: Choose from our flexible dates to accommodate your schedule and learning preferences. Whether you opt for an accelerated course or a more extended program, CBWA ensures that you receive a comprehensive education in welding.

Admission Requirements: Discover the prerequisites and admission criteria for CBWA's intensive welding programs. We welcome individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, fostering an inclusive learning environment for everyone interested in pursuing a career in welding.

Financial Assistance: Explore available financial aid options, scholarships, and payment plans to make your education at CBWA accessible and affordable. Our commitment to providing quality education includes ensuring that financial considerations do not hinder your path to success.

Join CBWA and become a part of a decade-long legacy of excellence in construction and welding training. Elevate your skills, build a fulfilling career, and shape the future of welding with CBWA's Intensive Welding Programs.

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Basic Intensive Welding